User Guide – imDocShare Pre-Requisites

This document outlines the pre-requisites for the usage of imDocShare on SharePoint and/or Microsoft Teams.

  • Please ensure that your SharePoint Online version is up to date. Specifically, our webpart project requires the “Feature Pack 2” update which comes with SharePoint 2016
  • Please ensure that Site Collection Libraries are able to host JSON and JS files
  • Please disable security measures that block popups or iFrames, if your environment is unable to to do so, users may use the ‘redirect’ option for ‘authPage’ attribute in configs
  • If an app catalog has not been created on the site collection where you wish to use netDocShare, please create one. SharePoint should guide you through the process to create one.
  • Please ensure that your SharePoint server environment is set up to have apps enabled
  • imDocShare Tree View (Show multiple container sources which can be freely navigated in a tree-style view)

As iManage is a secure platform, these steps must be taken to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data. Our Application works through querying the iManage API, which has built-in security precautions to protect your data.

iManage on Cloud

Please see this documentation from iManage in order to create an application which can provide permission to access your protected data.

iManage on-Premises

Please see this documentation from iManage in order to create an application which can provide permission to access your protected data.

Outside of the work server installation itself, we also suggest installing an indexer service, which is an optional installation from iManage which enables enhanced searching capabilities inside iManage and imDocShare (through the API). Without this indexer feature, iManage and imDocShare may have issues returning proper results in search.

Service Application

Due to security restrictions for iManage on Premises, clients are required to create an Azure service application and install a proxy service app, which will connect to our official imDocShare service to make API calls to the iManage server. Instructions for installation of this service can be found in another document called “imDocShare on-Premises Service Proxy Deployment”. Completing this process will yield your proxy URL, which must be provided to imDocShare in order to complete the setup.

Providing your info to imDocShare

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be required to provide ClientID, ClientSecret and proxy service URL to access this data from imDocShare. You may find ClientID and ClientSecret information in your web client Control Center or any administration page which you use to administrate your iManage account. You may find your proxy URL in the service application that you have created on Azure.

Congratulations! You are now authorized to access your iManage data through our application.