imDocShare Add-ons

imDocShare Admin

Ability to centrally manage and enforce imDocShare Settings, including enable/disable/default-value setup of properties that can be otherwise modified by Page Admins in SharePoint WebParts and Users in Microsoft Teams’ Channel Tab.


imDocShare Co-Authoring

Ability to co-author Office (version 2013 or above) documents saved in iManage right within SharePoint & Teams using Office Client like Word, Excel on their laptop.


imDocShare Teams app

Live-View, Add & Edit any iManage content in Microsoft Teams as a personal app or Channel Tab.


imDocShare Sync

Automatically perform bi-directional / one-way sync of everything or selected folders/files, including metadata fields, between SharePoint, Teams Files, OneDrive Libraries and iManage Workspaces/folder.


imDocShare Hybrid

Ability to Search multiple iManage and SharePoint content sources from one single integrated search interface in SharePoint.


imDocShare Content Browser

Ability to look up and reference any iManage content sources with your .NET, PHP, Java, or Full Stack web app.

imDocShare Provisioning

  • Ability to add/edit/view any Team (with your Microsoft 365 Tenant) and add/edit/delete corresponding Channels to setup “netDocShare Sync” or “imDocShare Teams tab” or “imDocShare Save” (ability to save Channel Post[s] into iManage)
  • Ability to Create a new Team, Channel and associated Sync Jobs and Tabs using a Microsoft Team Provisioning template (for enhanced governance)
  • Ability to Bulk Delete Teams while saving Team Channel Posts & Files automatically into iManage


imDocShare Attach

Ability to look up and link iManage documents within SharePoint List and Document Libraries.