imDocShare Microsoft Teams Features

imDocShare Teams app

Live-View, Add & Edit any iManage content in Microsoft Teams as a personal app or Channel Tab. Reference & insert document cards from iManage in Teams’ Conversations (Post), Save/Archive Teams’ conversation Thread to iManage for compliance/governance, AI virtual assistant to use voice+text to find, use and share iManage content within Teams’ Chat, and much more.

Find and include iManage documents in Teams

Find and include iManage documents within your Team Channel’s Post Tab (Conversation Thread) using imDocShare Teams app Messaging Extensions


Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation to iManage

Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation Thread selectively to iManage and ensure Content Governance and Compliance


Access iManage content

Access iManage Cloud or iManage Work Server 10.2+ (on-premises) content in Microsoft Teams via adding the imDocShare Teams app as a new Channel Tab or Pin as a personal app.

Reference iManage content

Reference iManage content within Microsoft Teams conversations, including edit and update iManage content.

Preview of iManage content

Get a quick and convenient Live-Preview any iManage document within Microsoft Teams.


View iManage content

View any iManage content in Microsoft Teams using Standard View, Tree View, Recent Documents, Favorite Documents, or Compact View.


iManage Favorites View

View your iManage related to Favorite Documents within Microsoft Teams.


iManage Tree view

Display using Tree View, multiple iManage content sources in a single consolidated view within Microsoft Teams Channel Tab.


iManage Document Check-out & Check-in

Check-out functionality prevents anyone from editing the document in iManage while a user is updating it in Microsoft Teams. Check-in allows users to make it available for your team to edit, update, and collaborate


iManage Recent Documents and Workspaces

Live view & edit all your iManage Recent documents or Recent Workspaces right within Microsoft Teams


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