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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To easily view and edit iManage content from within Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, SharePoint on-premises, Microsoft Teams or any web application.

Yes, imDocShare can be deployed within minutes on your Microsoft 365 or on-premises farm and easily configured by business users to view & edit iManage content on any web app.

imDocShare allows your firm to Live View, Edit, and Sync iManage Work Server 10.2+ content within SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. imDocShare deploys as a SharePoint add-in in your Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premises farm via providing a set of WebParts for use on modern page or classic page. imDocShare can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft Teams Apps Store to view and edit iManage content within Teams Channel Conversations.

imDocShare WebPart supports several views, such as:

  • Normal View to display content from a single source container such as a folder workspace, library or search Folder.
  • TreeView to show multiple sources and includes an intuitive navigation interface.
  • Other views such as Recent Documents and Favorites views shows user-specific content.

You can add and configure multiple imDocShare WebParts on a Classic or Modern SharePoint page that point to one or more iManage library, workspace, or any other sources.

With imDocShare, you don’t have to copy/sync iManage content with SharePoint content sources just to view them. Manual or Automatic sync of iManage content sources may result in sync errors resulting in version mismatches between content viewed in SharePoint vs. the authoritative content in iManage. With imDocShare WebParts for SharePoint or our Teams app you can “live” view iManage content directly in respective app without the need to manually copy or sync

Yes, it is easy to check-in and check-out documents using imDocShare document contextual menu that offers iManage document actions menu right within SharePoint or Teams. Just as in iManage, checking out a document will download the document to your local machine while putting it in a ‘locked’ state. When you are finished editing it, you can check-in, which will remove the lock state and update the document.

Yes, you can do both contextual or deep search to find the correct iManage content right within SharePoint or Teams. Best of all you can use imDocShare Search WebParts to hybrid view SharePoint search results with iManage search results.

Yes, imDocShare allows you to lock your document version, by checking it out, in order to disallow further unnecessary changes or revisions.

imDocShare SharePoint add-in is licensed by tenant or farm. imDocShare Teams app can be purchased using per user licensing or Teams tenant wide. To learn more visit

imDocShare does not store any documents or iManage content. Your firm content is safely stored in iManage and imDocShare WebParts allows you to directly view and edit these documents stored in iManage right within SharePoint and Teams. Also if you don’t have access to a document in iManage, you will not be access that document in imDocShare as we preserve the iManage security settings for the current logged in user.

imDocShare components can be very easily included within your custom web applications developed using .NET, Java, Angular, React or any of your favorite development platforms. Contact us at to learn more.

Yes, imDocShare uses the current logged in user credentials to automatically log-in and access content from iManage to view within imDocShare WebParts.

All imDocShare WebParts, including imDocShare Teams app can be viewed optimally on your favorite mobile phone or tablets.

With imDocShare you don’t need to sync or copy manually/automatically documents from iManage into SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams. We support live-view and edit of iManage documents right within SharePoint from any iManage library, workspace, folder, sub-folder or filters that you have access to! imDocShare WebParts can be configured using our intuitive business-user friendly configuration wizard within minutes by Knowledge Managers and SharePoint Content Authors without IT involvement