imDocShare Provisioning App

imDocShare Provisioning App – An Overview

Provision, Govern & Manage your Microsoft Teams empowered with iManage!

imDocShare Provisioning provides Microsoft Teams Administrators & Knowledge Managers the ability to bulk create/edit/update Microsoft Teams, Channels & Tabs empowered with iManage Work Server / iManage cloud content using imDocShare Tab & Sync.

Feature Highlights
imDocShare Provisioning promotes collaboration & productivity and enhances Microsoft Teams Governance.
Feature graphic image
  • Users have the ability to add/edit/view any Team (with your Microsoft 365 Tenant) and add/edit/delete corresponding Channels to setup “imDocShare Sync” or “imDocShare Teams tab” or “imDocShare Save” (ability to save Channel Post[s] into iManage).
  • Users have the ability to Create a new Team, Channel, and associated Sync Jobs and Tabs using a Microsoft Team Provisioning template (for enhanced governance).
  • Users have the ability to perform Bulk actions such as Bulk Create, Update, Delete Team, Channel Tabs, and Channel Sync Jobs.
How do imDocShare Provisioning APIs work?

imDocShare Provisioning provides REST API to connect an endpoint securely by providing auth key to attain access to imDocShare Provisioning services.

The endpoints can be called from a Microsoft Power Automate using Built-in HTTP actions to invoke imDocShare Provisioning services.

*Web app & microservices (REST API) access included.