imDocShare Attach App

imDocShare Attach App – An Overview

"imDocShare attach app provides the ability to attach any iManage content, allowing users to attach iManage content as a hyperlink to a SharePoint list item or a SharePoint document.”

imDocShare Attach app is designed to streamline the process of referencing iManage documents within SharePoint, simplifying the workflow for users who need to associate iManage documents with SharePoint list items.


Let us consider for example, we have a SharePoint list named “an issue tracker”, and we would like to reference a document in iManage. In this case, if we do not have an imDocShare Attach app, we need to download the document from the iManage manually and then attach this physical document to this SharePoint list. Otherwise, we would need to create a URL field in SharePoint and copy-paste the iManage document link here for referencing purposes. All these tasks are too much work.

With the imDocShare Attach app, users can avoid the manual steps of downloading documents from iManage and attaching them to SharePoint lists. Instead, it provides a more seamless integration by allowing users to create hyperlinks to iManage documents directly within SharePoint list items or documents. This can enhance efficiency and reduce the manual effort required to cross-reference documents between the two systems.

  • Add links from iManage Workspace to a SharePoint list item or Document libraries.
  • Add links from iManage folders and files to a Share Point list item or Document libraries.
  • Add links from an iManage document to a SharePoint document or folder.

imDocShare Attach provides a convenient and streamlined way to link iManage documents to SharePoint list items. Users can easily select the list item they want to attach in iManage, use the imDocShare Attach option in the contextual menu, and then navigate the iManage repository to find and link the desired document. The ability to pick documents from various sources within iManage, such as recent documents, favorites, or specific folders such as library workspace folders, category folders, or matter folders adds flexibility to the process. Additionally, you have the option to select or deselect items and view the selected items before finalizing the attachment. By automating the linking process and eliminating the need for manual steps like downloading and attaching documents, imDocShare Attach appears to simplify the workflow, making it more efficient for users who regularly work with both iManage and SharePoint.

imDocShare Attach plays a crucial role in addressing the transition from NRL (iManage Document Management System Reference Link) links to the new active hyperlinks recommended by iManage. The shift away from .NRL files to active hyperlinks is a significant change and a tool like imDocShare Attach appears to offer a practical solution for users who previously relied on NRL links and need to update their document references in SharePoint.

By providing a streamlined process to replace NRL links with active hyperlinks, imDocShare Attach not only simplifies the task but also ensures compatibility with the new version of iManage that no longer supports .NRL files. This is particularly valuable for firms and users who want to stay up-to-date with the latest iManage recommendations and technologies.

It's common for software updates and changes in document management systems to necessitate adjustments in how users link and reference documents. Having a tool like the imDocShare Attach app facilitates this transition, which can save time and effort for users who might otherwise need to manually update each link.

imDocShare Attach provides such comprehensive functionality. The ability to add links not only to individual documents but also to folders in a workspace or even entire workspaces in iManage adds a layer of flexibility for users managing diverse sets of documents and structures within iManage.

The convenience of attaching any iManage document to a SharePoint document or folder through imDocShare Attach allows users to establish a direct link between the two platforms. This integration streamlines the workflow for users who regularly work with content in both iManage and SharePoint, providing them with quick and easy access to iManage documents directly from SharePoint list items.

In essence, imDocShare Attach seems to offer a versatile solution for linking and referencing iManage content in the context of SharePoint, providing a more integrated and efficient experience for users who rely on both platforms in their daily work.