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    Features of imDocShare

    imDocShare Teams app


    Consistent view of iManage content between SharePoint & Teams.
    Note: The upcoming version comes with KLoBot-powered conversational AI integration, where users can easily “Save to iManage” a Team’s Channel Conversation Threads and “Insert from iManage” a Document Card within the Post for quick reference (without the need to browse through tab content).

    Clients with “imDocShare Enterprise” license will be updated automatically with an active KLoBot Enterprise Subscription.

    imDocShare Save


    Allows users to save or “move” everything or selected folders/files within a SharePoint document library to iManage. When selecting the “move” option an URL link to the iManage file will be saved at the original location of that document in SharePoint document library.

    imDocShare Sync


    Automatically perform bi-directional/one-way sync of everything or selected folders/files, including metadata fields, between a SharePoint document library and an iManage workspace.

    Co-Authoring using Office Client


    Co-author Office (version 2013 or above) documents in SharePoint and Teams using Office Client like Word or Excel.

    Preview iManage Document right within SharePoint & Teams


    Get a quick and convenient Live-Preview any iManage document within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams.

    Find and include iManage documents in Teams


    Find and include iManage documents within your Team Channel’s Post Tab (Conversation Thread) using imDocShare Teams app Messaging Extensions

    Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation to iManage


    Save Microsoft Teams Channel Conversation Thread selectively to iManage and ensure Content Governance and Compliance

    View Documents on iManage from SharePoint & Teams


    Each document displayed within a SharePoint WebPart or a Teams Channel Tab can link directly to iManage cloud or iManage Work 10.2 on-premises to view document in browser.

    iManage Favorites View in SharePoint & Teams


    Ability to add or remove documents from iManage favorites right within Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

    iManage Document Check-out & Check-in within SharePoint & Teams


    Check-out functionality locks the document in iManage while a user is updating it and downloads it to your local machine. Check-in will remove the lock in iManage and allows the user to upload a new version right from SharePoint & Teams

    iManage Recent Documents and Workspaces within SharePoint & Teams


    Live view & edit all your iManage Recent documents or Recent Workspaces right within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

    Display iManage Search Folders within SharePoint & Teams


    Display content that has been created in iManage Search Folders to show customized search Views on any SharePoint Page or Teams Channel Tab.

    Download iManage Documents right within SharePoint & Teams


    Access and download any iManage document within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

    Rename iManage Document within SharePoint & Teams


    Easily rename any document within iManage from within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

    Display iManage content


    Display custom Columns, Profile Attributes and Multi-value Profile Fields defined in iManage within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams. Show or Hide any iManage custom document attributes including multi-value profile fields as display columns on imDocShare SharePoint WebParts

    Delete iManage content from within SharePoint & Teams


    Easily delete any document within iManage that is shown within imDocShare WebPart on a SharePoint page or Teams Channel Tab.