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Features of imDocShare

Display iManage content

Display custom Columns, Profile Attributes and Multi-value Profile Fields defined in iManage within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams. Show or Hide any iManage custom document attributes including multi-value profile fields as display columns on imDocShare SharePoint WebParts

Preview iManage Document right within SharePoint & Teams

Get a quick and convenient Live-Preview any iManage document within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams.

View Documents on iManage from SharePoint & Teams

Each document displayed within a SharePoint WebPart or a Teams Channel Tab can link directly to iManage cloud or iManage Work 10.2 on-premises to view document in browser.

iManage Favorites View in SharePoint & Teams

Ability to add or remove documents from iManage favorites right within Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

iManage Document Check-out & Check-in within SharePoint & Teams

Check-out functionality locks the document in iManage while a user is updating it and downloads it to your local machine. Check-in will remove the lock in iManage and allows the user to upload a new version right from SharePoint & Teams

iManage Recent Documents and Workspaces within SharePoint & Teams

Live view & edit all your iManage Recent documents or Recent Workspaces right within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

Display iManage Search Folders within SharePoint & Teams

Display content that has been created in iManage Search Folders to show customized search Views on any SharePoint Page or Teams Channel Tab.

Download iManage Documents right within SharePoint & Teams

Access and download any iManage document within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

Rename iManage Document within SharePoint & Teams

Easily rename any document within iManage from within Microsoft SharePoint & Teams

Delete iManage content from within SharePoint & Teams

Easily delete any document within iManage that is shown within imDocShare WebPart on a SharePoint page or Teams Channel Tab.