imDocShare One Teams app Co-Authoring
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    Key Take Aways

    In this 30-minute webinar, we showcased a live demo of how the imDocShare One Teams app enables you to experience the real-time co-authoring of iManage content in Microsoft Teams.
    • How to seamlessly co-author Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) stored in iManage without ever leaving Microsoft Teams
    • How does the co-authoring capability of the imDocShare One Teams app reduce document creation and review times by allowing multiple users to collaborate simultaneously?
    • As a bonus, we showcased how the imDocShare Sync app helps to synchronize documents between Microsoft Teams and iManage and securely share iManage document links within a 1-1 or group chat.
    *imDocShare One Teams app is the highly rated and exclusively available app on the Microsoft Teams Store for both iManage Work Server “on-premises” and iManage Cloud customers.

    Ragav Jagannathan
    President & CEO