User Guide – imDocShare Dynamic View

This guide is a general overview of how to use and configure the imDocShare Dynamic View.

The imDocShare Dynamic View webpart is a configurable view that can capture the query params from the page URL and show consolidated search results from iManage search based on the mapped query params.

In iManage we have managed metadata values that identify and differentiate content in the library. Every library has a definite set of custom fields.

In all libraries, the Client and Matter are configured to the custom1 and custom2 custom fields which has parent child relationship. iManage also provides custom29 and custom30 with parent child relationship.

Dynamic view will search these static fields based on the query params. Dynamic view can also search following standard metadata, Name, Id, Author, Modified Date and File Type.

Choose View Type as Dynamic View

Select Library ID

Add query param mapping. Click on the ‘Add’ button to add mapping fields.

Enter the query parameter that will be passed in the URL and map this to the custom property that is listed in the selection box.

In the above image, in the drop down, the custom properties of selected Library ID “Active” are populated.

In this example the query param ‘clientid’ is mapped to the caption “Client” to the field name custom1.

The same configuration in iManage.

Similarly, we can add ‘materid’ query param to be mapped to the caption “Matter” to the field name custom2

Click on save changes to save the config settings.

The created map will be stored in the SharePoint Library list and will be read to load the dynamic view webpart. The SharePoint list will be created automatically in the site collection where the site page exists.

The table view will read the SharePoint list and load the corresponding map and will load the webpart with search data.

Sample page URL and result.

The default table result will be the data of the Recent files. The recent files list is filtered by the clientid “1SNXDA” passed in the URL as a query param.

Choose the drop-down list item to do the search on Workspace, Folders and Documents.

This search can be done on the selected Library. The library can be changed by choosing the library in the library drop down.

Points to remember in using the static fields:

  • Document search can accept only ‘Name’ as filter.
  • Folders search can accept ‘Name’ and ‘Id’ as filter.
  • Documents search can accept all static fields as filters.
  • Date in the query param should be “mm/dd/yyyy” format.