Time-saving and Collaborative Co-authoring Capabilities of the imDocShare One Teams App

In today's digital age, collaboration tools play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows within organizations. With the addition of remote work and teams distributed, the need for efficient document management and collaboration solutions has increased dramatically. One solution making waves in the market is the imDocShare Teams App with co-authoring capabilities, designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams and revolutionize the way legal teams collaborate on documents within iManage Work Server and iManage Cloud.

imDocShare Teams app enables users to co-author Office (version 2013 or above) documents saved in iManage right within Microsoft Teams using Office Client like Word or Excel on their laptop.

Empower Your Legal Team: Seamless and Secure Collaboration with Microsoft Teams and iManage Document Management Solution

Law firms are increasingly turning to Microsoft Teams as their go-to platform for communication and collaboration, largely due to its robust security features. Given the highly sensitive nature of legal work, Microsoft Teams offers important security controls like end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention tools, ensuring the confidentiality of discussions and document collaboration. The iManage DMS is a preferred document management solution tailored specifically for legal professionals, boasting robust document security protocols and granular access controls. By integrating iManage with Microsoft Teams, law firms can seamlessly leverage the platform's centralized hub for messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and project management, enhancing efficiency and maintaining strict confidentiality standards across all operations. However, law firms need the imDocShare One Teams app to truly add value to the iManage and Teams integration. Even more collaboration power and efficiency come with the imDocShare co-authoring app.

Enhance Compliance and Productivity Using imDocShare's Robust Features for Legal Document Management in Teams

The imDocShare One Teams App provides seamless integration between Teams and iManage to allow users to view, add, edit, attach, search, sync, and provision iManage Work Server and iManage Cloud content without ever leaving Teams. Law firm professionals can overcome the challenges of collaborating while creating documents, including co-authoring, versioning, and editing Office documents stored in iManage. The imDocShare Co-Authoring app eliminates the manual and inefficient copying and pasting of files being co-authored and reduces the chances of costly errors.

To better understand imDocShare One, let’s first delve into the key collaboration and productivity-enhancing aspects the platform was built for:


At its core, the imDocShare Teams App serves as a comprehensive platform for managing, sharing, and collaborating on documents stored in iManage Work Server or iManage Cloud directly within Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration streamlines workflows by eliminating the need for users to switch between multiple applications.

Content Views:

imDocShare offers flexible content viewing options. Users can choose from various views such as tree view, normal view, and recent view, allowing for easy navigation and document management. Whether organizing files within team channels or accessing content during private chats or meetings, the app offers a user-friendly experience tailored to user preferences.

Content Sources:

With support for multiple content sources, imDocShare provides users with unparalleled access to their documents. This extensive range of content sources ensures that teams can collaborate seamlessly regardless of the complexity of their document hierarchy.

Sharing and Compliance:

The app ensures compliance and governance by allowing users to save conversation threads with attachments directly to iManage Work Server or iManage Cloud. This feature not only enhances data security but also simplifies regulatory compliance efforts.

Content Actions:

imDocShare offers a comprehensive suite of content actions designed to streamline document management tasks. From real-time editing and document preview to version control and content searching, the app increases legal team productivity.

Microsoft Teams Integration:

As the only Microsoft-approved and highly rated Team Store app compatible with iManage Work Server 10.2 +, imDocShare stands out for its seamless integration capabilities. Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, the app offers unparalleled compatibility with Microsoft Teams, ensuring a smooth user experience across diverse environments.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential and Enhance Productivity Using imDocShare's Co-Authoring Feature for Legal Professionals

Real-time collaboration is a cornerstone of effective teamwork, and imDocShare excels in this collective effort. By enabling simultaneous co-authoring on Microsoft Office documents stored within iManage Work Server or iManage Cloud, the app fosters collaboration without constraints. Team members can collaborate on documents without ever leaving the Microsoft Teams app in real time, making edits and updates seamlessly without the hassle of version control issues.

Legal professionals deal with many stakeholders in every case, and the imDocShare Co-Authoring functionality adds value as it increases team productivity and leaves more time for higher-level, more interesting work. Now let’s delve deeper into the innovations in the co-authoring feature that most impact legal teams:

Teams App Pin as Personal
Collaborate on MS Office documents:

Users can collaborate in real-time on documents stored in iManage – such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files – from directly within Teams.

Real-time collaboration for multiple users:

Multiple users can work together on an iManage document at the same time, increasing the ability to share ideas and create documents faster.

Eliminate lengthy review cycles:

The imDocShare Co-Authoring app allows users to create and review documents in a controlled and efficient way, helping legal teams reduce review cycles, meet deadlines, restrict downloads, and minimize risks.

Effortless movement between Teams and iManage:

Users can continue to co-author documents and collaborate knowing their changes will automatically sync to a single document in iManage, eliminating version control mistakes and maintaining an audit trail in the document history.

Security controls:

imDocShare offers control at the administrative level, ensuring that only those users who need to access documents can do so.

Automated provisioning:

imDocShare automates the many workflows necessary to onboard new clients or matters, including creating teams, channels, and tabs in a synchronized manner, allowing the firm to focus on the business processes and not extra software or services.

The imDocShare Teams App represents a paradigm shift in the management of iManage documents and collaboration within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. By combining advanced features with intuitive design, the app empowers teams to collaborate more effectively, thereby driving productivity and innovation. With the addition of the imDocShare Co-Authoring app, law firms can collaborate without restraint, with real-time co-editing for the entire team and automatic synchronization setting a new standard for collaborative tools in the law firm.

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