How to View, Edit and Search iManage Cloud content within Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online?


Does your organization efficiently manage content and documents across channels? How important is it to standardize the document management process?

Effective document management allows organizations to be more agile, which further minimizes the risk associated with mishandling information. Furthermore, optimal document handling enables companies to comply with regulations, as violations can lead to severe repercussions, including fines, revoked licenses, and penalties, among others. Standardizing a document management process makes it easier for employees to commit fewer mistakes and make better-informed decisions.

Although document management systems have numerous benefits, they can still often feel like a challenge to search, view, and share data on other portals.

What are the challenges employees face while viewing iManage Cloud content within SharePoint Online?

Searching content in iManage Cloud and then synchronizing it to SharePoint to view those documents increases the time spent finding vital information. To get the work done, an employee needs to manage the passwords of both portals, which takes time and focus away from what they want to accomplish. This process may lead to staggering costs to an organization and frustrated end users.


Research shows that employees spend around 25% of their time looking for specific information, which further wastes their time as well as money.1

Linking both the portals makes it effective and easy for employees to visualize and navigate the iManage cloud content within Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. Further, the integration of iManage with SharePoint sets the standards for data sharing and reduces the risk of operational disruptions.

How can imDocShare resolve these challenges?

Employees now are reluctant to spend their time over the labor-intensive process and hence require a different tactic to retrieve specific information effortlessly.

imDocShare is one such robust solution that integrates iManage work with SharePoint and drives organizations towards a technology-driven environment.

The seamless integration of iManage with Microsoft SharePoint Online helps firms stay competitive with effective knowledge management and quick access to files.

imDocShare allows organizations to streamline their business processes and further enhance their workforce communication as well as collaboration.

Professional services firms, including legal firms, heavily demand an approach like imDocShare as it eases the process of finding and editing iManage content right within SharePoint. This approach enables organizations to work together and establish an effective document processing.

imDocShare has proven to be one of the best approaches in the remote working scenario where it combines both the traditional document management systems, including iManage and SharePoint Online. imDocShare empower employees to complete the work in a unified and straightforward way, which results in enhanced employee experience and satisfaction.

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imDocShare SharePoint app- view, edit and search iManage content within SharePoint

imDocShare SharePoint app enables an organization to access iManage content within SharePoint and other web applications instantly. imDocShare can be easily deployed as a SharePoint add-in into a firm’s Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online by running a set of web parts.

imDocShare empowers its users to do contextual as well as deep search in SharePoint itself and eliminates the necessity of provisioning new servers, scheduling sync, and installing complex software.


imDocShare SharePoint app is an appropriate tool for organizations handling a large volume of documents as well as knowledge repositories. The app is well suited for small, medium, and large organizations as it does not require heavy investment and is specially designed for non-technical users to set up within minutes.

Professional services firms need to adopt a comprehensive approach towards data security in the current evolving threat landscape.

imDocShare SharePoint app is one approach that ensures the highest level of security and meets today’s client’s needs. The app further eliminates the necessity of manually copy-pasting iManage content into SharePoint, which reduces the chances of human error.

imDocShare SharePoint app - Key advantages


imDocShare SharePoint app is empowering organizations to eliminate the operational expenses related to enterprise applications.

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